Monday, July 24, 2017

To defend the ACA, please contact your friends in NV, WV, AK, OH and AZ!

Please contact your friends in Nevada, West Virginia, Alaska, Ohio, and Arizona and ask them to call or write their Senator's health staffer. You can find your friends in those states by typing “friends in [Nevada]” in the Facebook search bar. 
You can tell your friends:
It’s do-or-die time for repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Voting starts tomorrow.
If repeal of the Affordable Care Act passes, 22 million Americans will lose their health insurance and most of us will face higher premiums and/or deductibles (especially if we are old or sick, or will someday get old or sick). 
Please call the health staffers of the following undecided Republican Senators and tell them that you oppose repeal of the ACA. If you have a personal story, that would be great too.
Contact Info
Murkowski (AK), (202) 224-6665, Morgan Griffin,
Capito (WV), (202) 224-6472, Dana Richter,
Portman (OH), (202) 224-3353, Sarah Schmidt,
Heller, (NV), (202) 224-6244, Rachel Green,

McCain (AZ), 202-224-2235, David Bennet,
Flake (AZ), 202-224-4521, Helen Heiden,

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