Friday, January 6, 2012

College Credit for Occupiers! #UCDavis #OccupyUCDavis

This is a 2 unit directed group study course in winter 2012 that allows students to produce an archive of footage, audio, photographs, and media coverage of the student movement on campus preceding, during, and following the recent student protest movement on campus. 

Students will earn credits for gathering, digitizing, and organizing materials, obtaining releases and ownership information where possible, and also beginning to disseminate and edit this media. The end result of this quarter will be a shared public archive of media - for current and future students, faculty, and researchers. 

We will be discussing and formulating a longer-term project of creating a longer documentary film and/or a collection of short student films that look in depth at this moment, through many modalities (ie experimental, narrative, and longer form documentary). In addition to journalistic reporting on events that have transpired, students will be encouraged to  utilize the material they collect and organize with a larger-scope and more artistic approach. 

During Spring 2012, students in TCS 104: Documentary Production - will be using this archive to create original short pieces that tell a broader story of our campus. In spring 2012, there will also be an opportunity for further independent study work for students who've already taken TCS 104 but would like to continue working with this material for course credit.

The course will meet as a group bi-weekly (every other week) on Thursday afternoon - 4:30 - 5:40 pm, and will involve lab work and research activities on a weekly basis. Students should expect to spend an average of (at least) 5 hours/ week on this course. 

Julie Sze, American Studies 198: Occupy Your Education!
This is a 2 unit directed group study course in winter 2012 that allows students interested or already involved in student activism to get course credit to support your learning on activism on UC privatization and Occupy movements
Rather than prescribe the topics and activities, each student will construct their own plan in conjunction with the instructor, outlining your particular learning objectives and activities for the quarter.
 Here are some ideas (preliminary list only):
  • Produce social media/ regular thoughtful blog posting
  • Do photo/ video documentary micro-projects
  • Create/ disseminate a reading list on a specific theme (i.e. the history of the CA Master Plan, Prop. 13, privatization in the UC, etc)
  • Create teaching curriculum (i.e. how to teach the crisis to different groups)
Students will earn credits for constructing your own learning plan, completing the activities specified in your specific plan, and regular meetings with the instructor. You are required to meet with the instructor, either on a one-on-one basis, or during the group bi-weekly meetings on Thursday mornings 11-12 (beginning 1/26- first week in my office). Students should expect to spend an average of (at least) 4 hours/ week on this course.
Julie Sze, Associate Professor Director of American Studies
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