Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nathan Brown calls for #Katehi's Resignation Again #OccupyUCdavis

Professor Nathan Brown of the UC Davis English Department, the first member of the faculty to call for Chancellor Katehi's resignation, recently published another such call in the Davis Enterprise.  He lists an impressive number of individuals and organizations that have joined him in this call. Several commenters note that this only a small minority of the faculty.  They also note that Board of the Davis Faculty Association (of which Brown is a member) called for the Chancellor's resignation without consulting its members and that when it did consult its members, a majority did not support the Board's action. I made similar points about faculty opinion on Katehi and about the DFA in earlier posts.  By the same token, only a minority of the faculty (albeit a larger one) have expressed confidence in Katehi.  Most faculty have not yet taken a public position.  The Academic Senate (the body representing the Faculty) will vote on two ballots--one expressing confidence and the other expressing lack of confidence in the Chancellor in January or February.

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