Monday, November 28, 2011

Teach-Ins This Week

Teach-ins on the Quad (Today and all week): (Keep checking the link as new events are still being added)

Teach-in tomorrow

On the Privatization of Our University: It's Bigger Than You Think
Teach-In November 29, 6pm. Haring Hall 2205
Sponsored by Depts. History, Sociology, Economics

Louis Warren (History): "The Board of Regents, the University and the
State Legislature"
Nick Perrone (History): "The Role of Unions"
Eric Rauchway (History): "Protests and Politics"
Clarence Walker (History): no topic yet
Tori Langland (History): No topic yet
Lorena Oropeza (History): Whose Diversity? Our Diversity!: Latinos and
the University of California
Sarah Agusto (Sociology): "the UC student movement meets the OWS movement"
John Hall (Sociology): "Unmaking the Public University"
Ann Stevens (Economics): "Rising Inequality in the US: The Story of Your Lives"
Rob Feenstra (Economics): "Financing the University: Where Has Tuition Gone?"

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